• Internship Opportunities in the USA

MSA grads can take advantage of an exclusive, paid internship program in the USA that offers a unique culinary experience abroad. Our graduates can sign up for this program once they build up 5 years of culinary experience, including their education period. The internship program equips them with an international culinary experience as well as provide financial support during their stay. Up to 12 months of paid internship opportunities are available in the best hotels and restaurants of the country for those with intermediate or advanced communication level of English.

How Long Does It Take? Who Can Signup?

The internship period can vary between 6-12 months. Those MSA grads between 21-35 with an adequate job experience required by the American regulations can sign up. Intermediate or advanced level of English is required. An interview is conducted to determine the candidates' level of English.


Paid or unpaid accomodation opportunities are available through some companies. In some cases, the firm directs the interns to lodging centers designed for the staff. The program fee varies according to the location and the length of the internship.

What Are The Advantages Of The Program?

A paid internship in the USA is just like having a full time job. You are paid a minimum wage during the stage and have a pre-determined job description and specific responsibilities in the kitchen. This allows you to work in a structured kitchen operation. Your salary allows you to support your stay in the USA and even put some savings aside. You can improve your English skills, learn about the American way in the kitchen and gain a new perspective and vision. Upon your return to Turkey, you jump start your career with a significant job experience under your belt. You can even find a chance of working with the foreign executive chefs in the country. Your spouse or fiancee can also obtain an American visa through this program.

For More Information

Please contact the MSA Student Services Department to find out more about conditions and how to register.